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Project Completion:

Has a loved one begun a project but been unable to complete it?

Over the years many clients have bought me a partially completed quilt project for completion. Maybe a mother or grandmother has worked for many hours piecing together a quilt top and you do not want to see that hard work going to waste because you are not able to complete the quilt yourself.

Feel free to approach me for a 'no obligation' chat to discuss what might be done next.

Anyone who buys from me will have accepted my 'terms and conditions', so please ensure that you know what they are.
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Orders over £80 delivered FREE (UK mainland).

Memory Quilts:

Bring treasured memories together with a quilt that tells a story.

Almost any fabric can be bought into a project that will give you lasting memories of a special time or special place. Treasured items of clothing that will bring you close to a loved one. Memories of a time and place told by pictures, fabrics and trim.

What ideas would you like to see come to life?

Your Own Design:

You know just what it should look like, but cannot find anything like it in the shops or on-line.

Among the designs I have made in the past to special order are themed retirement quilts, battle re-enactment bedding (complete with bullet holes and scorch marks), and an impressionist view of favourite artwork.

Special Occasions:

Christenings, wedding, retirement, new house.

Whatever your occasion a quilt can be tailored to suit; specially embroidered panels, photographs, themed fabric selection. What would you like to have included on your quilt?
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